Dr. Lisa Miller- The Spiritual Child

I LOVE being able to teach in a school that embraces and understands the importance of spirituality in children.  Presbyterian School in Houston, TX is a special place and our sole mission is to provide a space where “Family, School and Church are united in the education and support of each Child”.  At the conclusion of the school year last year, one of the books that was recommended to our faculty was The Spiritual Child by Dr. Lisa Miller. In this book, Dr. Miller reveals her many years of research that explain the science and power of spirituality.

Last week, we were lucky to have the opportunity of having Dr. Lisa Miller stop by Presbyterian School and talk to the faculty for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately, our talk with Dr. Miller wasn’t recorded, so I’m including a link to a video of another one of her talks.  This one with Teachers College, Columbia University.  It is a little lengthy, but it’s something I believe is worth hearing. Take a listen… I think you’ll find it interesting.

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