What is an ePortfolio and Why Use One?

At the conclusion of the first course of my Master’s program, I like many others, was overwhelmed with the fact that I needed to create a fully functional ePortfolio/website, in probably the busiest time of the school year for me!  It certainly was daunting, but no matter how daunting it initially seemed, I was curious and excited to start it, nonetheless.

So, what exactly is an ePortfolio? As one of my professors put it, an ePortfolio is simply “a learner’s digital evidence of meaningful connections”.  It is a place for one to reflect and make connections.  A digital evidence of learning.  I know that creating an ePortfolio would be an extremely valuable learning tool for me.  I mean, the research is there… We now know that a number grade does not determine whether we know something.  And as John Dewey also put it, “We do not learn from experience…. we learn from reflecting on experience.”  You might hear someone say, “Well, based on my experience, this this and this is fact.” But really, it’s not just based on their experience.  It’s based on their thoughts in regards to their experience.  I agree with Jennifer Moon when she stated that “Reflection is a form of mental processing”.

I’m excited that I have begun the processing of creating my ePortfolio, and apart of the many benefits that come with it, what really excites me is that my whole ePortfolio will have been created to my likes, hobbies and thoughts.  It is not just a paper, or project that will receive grading… It is more than that.  For me, it is a more personal look into who I am as an educator, as a mother, wife, and photographer.

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