What You Can Find Here

As part of my Master’s program, I have been instructed to create an ePortfolio.  This ePortfolio is my website, and in it, you can get a little peek at who I am as a person in my About Me Section.  You’ll quickly learn that I am passionate about two things: education and art.  I’ve tried to pour myself into this website in hopes of conveying the type of educator and artist I am.  In the menu, you can find links to my photography business, Noah’s Ark Photography, and view some of my current work in the galleries and blog.  I’ve also added a tab to specifically show projects and things we do in my 8th Grade Photography class.

As an artist and an educator, I feel that it is so important to always stay curious and to surround yourself with inspiration.  It is also very beneficial to join different learning networks where you can connect and interact with other educators around the world.  You can read about some learning networks I recommend by visiting the learning networks tab on the website.   You’ll see that I have a few learning networks that I love, and in those networks, I’ve included both Pinterest and Twitter.  These might be considered more social networks, but both of these websites can serve as wonderful sources of information and inspiration.

If you hop on over to my Projects tab, you can find my own digital reflection of my past, present and future leadership of using ICT (information communication technology) in the classroom.  I’ve also included my own Teaching Manifesto that states my personal opinions and goals. You’ll also find a sample lesson plan targeted specifically for Early Childhood teachers that includes the utilization of digital tool.  There are many digital tools and programs that can be seamlessly used in upper grades, but it is often difficult to find examples of new things that we can do with Early Childhood students in terms of digital technology, outside of iPad games.  The goal was to use an interactive digital tool that ties in to the lesson, so it is my hope that this serves as great inspiration for other Early Childhood teachers looking for something new to try out with their little ones.

I’ve also added a Resources tab and have divided up some of my go to resources by categories.  There are so many programs and apps out there now, that it can be overwhelming.  What I’ve tried do here, is lay out some tools that I have found helpful in the hopes that another educator might find one they like and incorporate it into their own lesson in the classroom.  The goal of this ePortfolio is to serve as a personal reflection tool, but not only for me, but for other educators and artists around the world.  I’d love to connect with other teachers, so feel free to leave a comment and subscribe!




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