Leading Organizational Change- Why, How and What

Months of research and planning have gone into the development of my innovation plan that I will begin piloting in August of the 2016-2017 school year.  The past 7 months of my graduate studies have been completely eye opening for me and have provided me with the resources and tools I need to take on such a challenge…. and I’m ready for it.

Just like a new product a company promotes and tries to get consumers to buy, I’m trying to “sell” my innovation plan.  No longer is it just an idea, but we are in the beginning stages of leading organizational change.  The Why, How and What statements are crucial to promoting the significance of my plan for innovation, because it’s one thing to get by department leaders on board, but now I’ve got to get the rest of my colleagues on board as well- and this might prove to be just as challenging, if not more than before.


In the video, John Kotter explains the importance of establishing a sense of urgency when embarking on any sort of major change in an organization.  This video along with The Heart of Change, also by Kotter  presents the notion that it isn’t enough to merely ask something of someone- this won’t yield the type of change that is desired.  So what will?

“You have to win over the hearts and the minds of people.”

In other words, what you’ve got to do is find a way to connect your mission, plan or purpose with your target people, whether that be consumers, managers, education leaders or colleagues.  Simon Sinek also provides great information of where to start when beginning a program that integrates likes and passions.  In his own words, “You start with WHY”.  So taking into account Kotter’s work along with Sinek’s, I’ve developed the following Why, How and What statements for my innovation plan.



Created using https://www.tackk.com/board.  Click here for a full interactive view of the above TACKK board.



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